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Motorola WorldWide (7/7 - 21/24h)

Delivery Time : 48 Hours
Price : $ 5.00
Details :






Service working everyday. Saturday/Sunday Slower Processing. Also if code is NOT found Service
Country:                 All {Excluding Majority of USA and ALL of Argentina}

Delivery:               1-5 Hours  

Hardlock:               No ( Ip phone is hard locked code will not work)

Manufacture:         Motorola

Model:                    All requiring 8 digit unlock code {Excluding LTE Models 99xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}

Network:               All {Excluding Net10, Straightalk, Tracfone, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless}

Please never request code for these Motorola :

Not Supported:

- A45ECO, A853
- Charm, Cliq 2
- Defy
- E8, EM30, EM35
- EX126 {Cincinnati Bell Supported}
- Flipout, Flipside
- K1, K1s, and all other variants of K1 {Rogers/Fido K1 Supported}
- MB502, MB508, MB511 {MB511 Rogers Supported}
- MB525, MB611
- Q, Q Global, QA1, QA2, QA4
- U9
- V3I, V8, V9, V9X
- XT720 (Milestone) {Cincinnati Bell Supported}
- XT890 (RZR i)
- ZN5 (Zine), Z6

- Verizon Droid Pro Global/Milestone.

If a phone requires 16 digit code, this service will not give the correct code.

Please make sure the phone requires an 8 digit code as this service returns only 8 digit codes

Because you WILL GET A WRONG CODE since the Provider/Carrier changes codes for these handsets from the default ones on Motorola Database.

There is nothing we can do to help you in this case. Our supplier will not refund us on these codes so please be careful before ordering.

The only way to get the unlock code for these models is to add them by operator, as long as the operator is supported by SwiftUnlocks.

Thank you for understanding.